June 30, 2014

Floating Off Daman

Daman, 2014

Where the Damanganga meets the sea. 

Fishing boats had returned from their forays in the sea off the coast of Daman. The end of the fishing season was near, not in the least because of the approaching monsoons. Catch had dwindled greatly. One boat owner told me that the last 5-6 runs into the sea had resulted in losses. It was time to wind up until after the monsoons.


Siddhartha Joshi said...

Lovely shot Anil...how did you like the place?
-- Afghan in Kashmir

Syam said...

Lovely click!

Param said...

I have never visited Daman. How would you rate it vis a vis Goa? More sleepy?

Anil P said...

Siddhartha Joshi: Thanks. Was good.

Shyam: Thanks.

Param: Moti Daman gives a bit of Goa feel, though it is a smaller place, while Nani Daman is a different kind, more of a hustle you would associate with a small town experiencing "development".

Visit. Every place is worth visiting.