June 25, 2012

On A String And A Prayer

Kites have a mind of their own, and it takes much convincing to make them do your bidding. But that did not stop this young boy from trying to coax his kite into latching onto the breeze on Uttarayan.

It appeared all of Ahmedabad had taken to terraces in their neighbourhoods to find out if the sky was truly the limit. In their thousands, kites of every colour imaginable floated away into the blue expanse on the cusp of the twilight hour, deft hands either egging them on to ride the breeze or manoeuvring to keep them afloat once they latched on to invisible gusts.

June 17, 2012

The Lightness Of Being

An elderly couple soaks in the bustle on the ghats off the Ganges, keeping the three lamps company on a quiet evening in Varanasi. Soon the sun will dip behind the shrines amid ringing of temple bells and they'll return home while the river will nudge the lamps gently away before steering them along on its long journey through time.

In ancient India, divinity rode on rivers, dispersing light and lightness of being.