February 03, 2014

Missing In Mumbai

People go missing in Mumbai.
Dogs go missing in Mumbai.

Sometimes people are not found.
Sometimes dogs are found.


Vats said...

Nice analogy... but i think u can use India instead of Mumbai! :)

Red said...

My maternal uncle went missing in 2010, we are still awaiting his return :( I once wrote a post about it and posted a flyer with info. Some jerk called the number listed on that flyer almost every week and did some heavy breathing.

Beth said...

Yes, so true. A beautiful photo of something universal.

Unknown said...

Thought provoking with a superbly composed photo!

Susan Scheid said...

With few words, you've said it all.

Anil P said...

Vats: This was among the sadder photos I've taken/made.

The dog went missing in Mumbai, hence I used Mumbai.

Red: Sorry to hear about his going missing. That's indeed a very sad happening to visit on any family. It leaves those behind in terrible shape, not knowing what, where, and why.

Beth: It's indeed a sad, and true.

John Williams: Thank you.

Susan Scheid: Thanks.