October 02, 2013

Half An Eye

Heysham Row, Kolkata, 2012

 After a lifetime of keeping an eye on the neighbourhood,
The window prefers to shutter up now, for
The once busy lane has long gone empty
And no voices float up from it.

Having franchised its once delightful vocation
To a shiny eye glinting around the corner,
There’s all the time in the world now
To watch a formerly prim wall shed its crust, brick by brick
And slip into the character it’d long envied the window for –

A hint of a glimpse within from outside.

Even if it stands as empty on the inside!


Connie said...

Wonderful poem and photo, Anil!

Anil P said...

Daisy: Thank you.

Sandhya said...

good poem anil!

Riot Kitty said...

I love how you can create a story from scratch like this.

Red said...

Old buildings speak volumes, esp the vacant ones have soo many stories to tell

Anil P said...

Sandhya: Thank you.

Riot Kitty: Thank you :-)

Red: Yes. Stories of the vacancy, perhaps.

Indian Bazaars said...

Anil, as always, can't tell which is better, your photograph or your writing!

Anil P said...

Indian Bazaars: Thank you. nice to know you feel that way.

PallSin said...


Anil T said...

The luster lurks at the corner The days are numbered Is it the time to frame it and move on? There ain't much left for fixer upper Progress stuck in the past is a present in disguise? Photo or prose - the limbo I cannot escape.

Anil P said...

PallSin: Hmmmm.

Anil T: The past is a 'present' in its own way. The days are surely numbered. But, no, it isn't time to move on. It's time to savour and stay.