September 27, 2011

The Silent Sentinel

Panaji, Goa. 2011.

In the moment the tide passes
Allowing time a temporary reprieve,
The shoreline reveals its midriff,
As it basks in the rare relief cast its way.

The sentinel’s lights, having fallen silent, pause
As eyes scan the horizon for an anchor.

Finding none to steer their course,
They chart their run along the shore,
Keeping a meandering soul company, and delighting in the colour
His umbrella lends a wistful monsoon sky.

In the moment meandering meets serendipity
Time anchors my wandering feet to the passing moment.


Connie said...

Beautiful photo and poem, Anil P.

"His umbrella lends a wistful monsoon sky." I really like this line and the image of a monsoon sky. Very nice.

Riot Kitty said...

Lovely as always - I love how you find beauty everywhere you go.

Amrit said...

Great picture and narration

Anil P said...

Daisy: Thank you. He was meandering along the shore, pausing to dip his hands in the water before continuing along.

Riot Kitty: Thank you :-) These moments are uplifting.

I was lolling around on the jetty when I saw this man walking along. The blue skies, the colourful umbrella and the lighthouse came together in the moment.

A: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This whole post - picture and poem has been uplifting. I love it when "meandering meets serendipity".

Anonymous said...

That is your second item with same title but a poem this time. I can only say excellent.
I take a hasty liberty for myself to end the poem with a slight change as " the moment passing by".

Anil P said...

Lgsquirrel: Thank you. Meandering almost always meets serendipity.

Magan: Thank you. That's true. The mountains, the lighthouses are all Silent Sentinels or if seen quite another way, they're Sentinels of Silence.

The ending you suggest ... to the moment passing by is equally fitting, equally apt for the situation.

VioletSky said...

I like the idea of Sentinels of Silence - it is evocative of so much.
And the meandering lines from the tide are a nice added touch to the meandering walk.

Anil P said...

VioletSky: Thank you. Yes, Sentinels of Silence is very loaded in what it can and does convey.

Lynn said...

A lonely lighthouse standing sentinel. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Always a delight to catch another glimpse of Goa - home is indeed where the heart is... Thanks to you for yet another lovely post...

Canary said...

Beautifully captured, both through the picture and the words... I am back to bloggin and looking forward to reading all your posts that I missed :)

Anil P said...

Lynn: Thank you.

Anonymous: Thank you. Home is indeed where the heart is.

Canary: Thank you. Nice to know you liked the post. Good to have you back posting at your place.