June 10, 2009

The Palmist

Mumbai, 2009

The future you trace in the sands of time,
Will tempt the waves into washing over it.
Instead, let the ocean embrace you,
And I will show you how to ride the waves of life itself.


pink dogwood said...

This is so beautifully written - did you write this?

bobbie said...

A charming verse.

Cynthia Pittmann said...

Love the ocean washing over life image...did you write that Anil?
I often wonder -in the logic of palm reading-if your lines change because of an accident, for example, if your life is suppose to turn out differently? No? I guess that would mean that your life line -er life-could be extended! Fate takes a skillful ride over the waves of life.

Thanks for your comment on my Paper Moon post. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me.<3

Darlene said...

I was curious about the poster with the red hand and enlarged the photo to see if I could tell what it said. Then it occurred to me that, of course, it would not be in English. Silly me.

The Institute looks like a very old building. The man has picked a hard seat. It made my back ache to look at him sitting there so placidly.

Amber Star said...

The saying is very profound and the picture is a dichotomy between science and diving the future from one's palm....an art called chiromancy.

B said...

a short post!! :) :P

Vandana said...

Wow Anil .. beautifully written.. And I ..so couldn't miss the Institute of Science backdrop for the Palmist :)

Nice picture!!!

marja-leena said...

Intriguing photo with three points of focus, each a contrast to the others. Or perhaps the seated figure represents the center between science and the ancient palmistry. And a lovely poem!

Renee said...

Wow Anil, that is beautiful.

Your comment today was really beautiful. Thank you.

Love Renee xoxox

Butternut Squash said...

Beautiful Poetry.
I have been told that one hand shows what might have been and the other what changes I have provoked.

Milind said...

Very true amd plesantary worded verse. Pic 2 Good. Impressed when read abut Konkan Journey. Gr8.

Lori ann said...

What a beautiful poem, you are gifted in so many ways...

Did you have your palm read too Anil?

fishbowl said...

A classic picture showcasing the collision of two worlds. And, a beautiful piece of poetry.

Gauri said...

Badhiyaan !! :) very well said :)

Anil P said...

Pink Dogwood: Thank you. Yes, I wrote it to illustrate the 'unsaid' in the picture. Implied, but unsaid.

Bobbie: Thank you.

Cynthia: Thank you. Yes, I wrote that.

I've always been intrigued about palmistry, and the occasionally uncanny insights that experienced palm readers draw from the lines.

I'm told the lines do not remain steady always, they change.

I liked the clip, and the last scene.

Darlene: It isn't in English.

The institute is a very old building, and yes, the Palmist picked up a hard seat. When I first noticed him he was busy with a tourist couple who were taking turns showing him their palms, actually the sides of their palms.

Then they went away and he got back to reading the book in his hands, and in all the time I was there never once did he look up from the book he was reading.

And he did not move one bit either.

Amber Star: It's the dichotomy between Science and Palmistry that first drew my attention to the scene in front of me. I wonder if he was aware of the seeming contradiction his presence outside the Institute of Science presented.

The Palmist and the large poster advertising his services sat apart, and at first glance I thought the tourist couple were asking him for directions about town, that is until I saw the poster at the other end and their palms they held out to him.

Gomu: Yes, short post.

Vandana: Thank you. The irony of life on the street.

Maybe if science could extend its 'palm' to the Palmist he might be able to tell what future has in store for it :-)

Marja-leena: Rightly said. Three points of focus, and the Palmist is at the centre of it.

Renee: Thank you.

Butternut Squash: Thanks. Maybe that indeed is the case.

Milind: Thank you. Konkan journeys are unforgettable.

Lori Ann: Thank you. No, I did not proffer my palm, prefer not to know things. Makes it easier to deal with things than the anticipation of the uncertain.

Fishbowl: Thank you. In the collusion is a mystic synergy of the unknown, and the uncertain.

Gauri: Thank you.

Slogan Murugan said...

brilliant find!

Anonymous said...

Stunning as always, Anil!

Ms.N said...

palmistry, astrology - fascinating subjects. depsite all logical and "modern" thinking, i can't entirely discount these two fields. the line about waves washing away that that has been traced out - v.beautiful.. Not sure if u have seen the movie Next- not a grt movie or anything. but the hero can see the future and he says everytime he's seen it, it changes...

Anonymous said...

Nice photo, and very appropriate lines. The clear distinction between science and astrology.

kenju said...

Anil, I LOVE your poem. Excellent.

Anil P said...

SloganMurugan: Thank you.

The Things We Carried: Thank you.

Ms. N: The mystery of the unknown will linger, for not everything will yield to the rational, maybe because it was never meant to be.

No, I havent. I probably will see it now.

Thank you.

Anu: Thank you.

Kenju: Thank you :-)

Twilight Fairy said...

and the palmist sits right outside the institute of science! how appropriate :)

Merisi said...

Simply love the irony of juxtaposing the sign next to the Science Institute! Well spotted and captured. ;-)