April 04, 2006

At peace

Earlier in the day when I visited the main temple at Shri Gagangiri Maharaj’s ashram in Manori, across the creek from Marwe near Malad in Mumbai, where the film crew was filming a Marathi language film, Satyaprakash Karambelkar, the resident caretaker at the temple dedicated to Lord Dattatreya told me that many dogs have made the place their home, and they live in peace. He put their number at over hundred.

Inside the temple, Lord Dattatreya is portrayed in ochre garb, and the four dogs that accompany him mill around his feet. They are considered to be the embodiments of the four Vedas, 'following Dattatreya as watch-dogs of the ultimate truth, helping him search for purity of souls wherever they may be found'. Later in the evening after we’d packed up after filming a scene a short distance from the temple, on looking up I saw the duo. The man sat on the rock watching proceedings. The dog sat some distance from the man, its face turned away. I wondered if the distance between the two was among the reasons why the dogs were at peace here.


Vj said...

Iam glad i came here
Nice blog goin on there

Anil P said...

VJ: Thanks. It's an effort to keep in touch with myself.

Olinda said...


Did they say if people are allowed to take a dog home if both man and dog get along well?

Anil P said...

To Olinda: Maybe they won't mind it :)

Olinda said...

Achha.... it's always been a dream of mine to adopt a homeless dog when in India.

There's something very loveable about these Generic South Asian Dogs; to me, they always look like they're smiling, and they resemble basenjis, which I think are really cool.

I'd probably have to get puppy, because he/she would be joining a household that already includes two cats (one who was a total surprise, completely unplanned, a .5kg kitten at a Bangkok temple, you can see her here: http://templekitten.blogspot.com), and I imagine the adjustment to a small puppy would be easier on all parties concerned.