May 05, 2013

Kali Rides

That evening in Calcutta we wandered aimlessly among people and before long I found myself seeking the boats that’d take Durga home.

But as I walked towards the ghat on the river, the waters pulled away from me as if intimidated by my presence, retreating slowly but surely, pushing at the land on the other side until they could push no more. Confused, I paused and wondered - How was I culpable?

That’s until I saw Kali riding on the banks.

Then I understood.


Riot Kitty said...

I have been missing your posts! Always thrilled to read about your travels. You are such a good narrator and photographer, too.

Grannymar said...

Your word pictures are as colourful as the photographs they accompany! I love tagging along with you, Anil on your travels.

Indianbazaars said...

The city reveals itself in so many ways...the other day saw calcutta through the eyes of the photographer Rajib de and it created this urge to see that calcutta just as it is today to see the one you uncover.

Shivangi said...

Very well-worded!

Anoop Savio said...

Always loves your writing..waiting for the next posts