March 15, 2006

Get a Cold . . . . drink

For its size, Goa has many soft drink manufacturers, and their products can surprise you with their taste which can vary widely from place to place. The brands are often intriguing for their choice of names, and I doubt it is much different across the border in Karnataka as we found out when we crossed the border on our trip to Chorla ghat.

Four kilometres from the border we came across Hotel Tulsi where we found several trucks parked in front. It was not much of a hotel. A few plastic chairs, a fairly bare cupboard for its size except for a plate of mirchi bujjiyyas, some loaves of bread and a few other eatables that did not look particularly encouraging. The four of us sat at a table and ordered tea, and pao which we dipped in tea and ate.

In a plastic crate to my left were a few bottles. Curious, I picked up two bottles and to my surprise found out that D COLD need not always be a tablet used in treating cold and flu, it can also give you one. Someone somewhere had put two and two together and came up with five!

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